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Hydro Jetting

Here is what a hydro jet nozzle looks like for a smaller diameter pipe such as a kitchen drain. It has multiple spray jets to ensure proper cleaning inside the pipe, powered by 4000 PSI. This will clear out any blocked pipe.

Sink Problems

Kitchen sink drain inspection and hydro jet service to clean out grease built up in line causing a back up.

Pipe Video Camera

Camera drain inspection for main sewer drain is great for viewing the existing structure.

Roof Access 

Mechanical snake tool to clear stoppage/backup on roof due to no clean out access to main sewer line.


Hydro jet service for grease removal from a restaurant in downtown Phoenix.

Roof Blowout

Hydro jet service from the roof top vent due to no clean out access at ground level. Problem was old cast iron pipe under slab with loose metal scales and flakes causing entire house to clogged up.

Shower Drain

Mechanical snake tool is great for small shower drains. There is always hair in shower and tub drain lines.

Water Main Stoppage

There is a main water pipe that runs to every house and a main sewer pipe that exits the house. These often have ruptures or breaks and need repairs or to be replaced. 

Broken Pipes

1960s cast iron, main drain pipes removed from a basement that has completely rotted away. Pipes that are rusting, flaking, and scaling need to be replaced.


Our truck and trailer is equipped with up-to-date plumbing tools that have digital video cameras. Large industry leading U.S. Jetter trailer mounted 4000 PSI 18 GPM. Chain descale tools for cast iron rusty pipes. The right tools to fix any emergency plumbing need.
Play the video to see what the inside of a water main pipe looks like. It is dirty and clogged with all types of junk. Using a video camera, it is easy to find the problems so you know exactly what and where the issue is located.
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